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I have been using Mac since May 3, 2012. Since then I’m in love with my Mac. If someone ask me why you love your Mac most I would say there are tons of reason. But if someone ask me to mention about missing features in Mac, The first thing would come to my mind is about Finder. Default finder in Mac sucks a bit. I use Ubuntu and sometimes Windows for games. And I had lot’s of keyboard shortcuts for file explorer which is missing in finder. I love the tab window in ubuntu most which is also missing in finder. Okay there are too many things absence in finder and that’s drive me crazy. I Googled for finder and then I find TotalFinder which is exactly what I was looking for.


This fantastic app comes with some real good features to make your Macintosh experience satisfactory. So why you gonna use TotalFinder? Okay let’s see…

Before we go through about it’s prominent features have look at this video once.

  • Tabbed Browsing

    If you love tabbed browsing in Firefox or in Google Chrome then you will love TotalFinder. It add tabs on top of Finder.

  • Dual Mode

    Display two Finder windows side-by-side in dual mode. You will find this feature handy when moving/coping files form here to there.

  • Folders on Top

    You don’t have to sort folder by kind. TotalFinder does the job for you.

  • Show System Files

    For an average use you may don’t have interest in system files but if you are curious or a geek this features worth a lot. By default Mac OS X doesn’t show System Files. Though there are commands for that from terminal and here TotalFinder excels.

  • Cut & Paste

    Well these common features are missing in default finder in Mac OS X and this vital features brought to you by TotalFinder.

  • Visor

    Convenient system-wide Finder always one key-press away. This feature disabled by default but if you are curious about visor check this.

  • You need more?

    Well, you can visit TotalFinder web site for details.

So why you are waiting for? Download TotalFinder now and enjoy your Macintosh life 😉